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Besco was selected as the "Science and Technology Giant" of Kaifeng in 2017-2018

Recently, Kaifeng Municipal Science and Technology Bureau published the list of "small science and technology giant" in Kaifeng City in 2017-2018, and 7 companies, such as BISCO super hard material Co., Ltd., were selected.

Kaifeng BISCO Superhard Material Co., Ltd., founded in 2007, is located in the national economic and Technological Development Zone of Kaifeng City, Henan. It is an international leader in the development, production, sales and service of industrial diamond, cubic boron nitride and other super hard materials and cubic boron nitride composite films, products and other super hard materials. Enterprises. The company has a registered capital of 3 million dollars and covers an area of about 30 mu. It has an international first-class R & D center and a perfect production plant. It has established a unique quality control system for the company. After several years of development, the company has the core technology in the polycrystalline diamond, single crystal diamond and cubic boron nitride and products complete production chain, and has obtained 13 patents of practical new technology and 2 invention patents.

It is understood that the evaluation object of "small science and technology giant" in Kaifeng City is to incorporate the information base of small and medium sized enterprises in Henan Province, and fill in a complete class a science and technology type small and medium enterprises in Henan province.

What support will the tech giant get?

The "small giant of science and technology" enterprises in the warehouse will be supported by means of subsidies, and the counties (districts) will be encouraged to provide supporting support. The award and subsidy funds can be used for technological innovation activities such as technological tackling, cooperation between industry, University and research, and key technology re-innovation of "Little Giant of Science and Technology" enterprises.

Support the "small and technological giant" enterprises to undertake the municipal major scientific and technological projects, and recommend the "scientific and technological small giant" enterprises to declare the national and provincial scientific research projects and funds.

To support the "small and technological giant" enterprises to be identified as high-tech enterprises and above provincial "small and technological small giant (cultivation)" enterprises, innovative enterprises, energy saving and emission reduction scientific and technological innovation demonstration enterprises, the city finance according to the requirements to give the support support.

What are the requirements for the technology giant?

According to the "Kaifeng City" small giant of science and technology enterprise evaluation method (trial), warehousing must meet the following conditions:

Enterprises in the Kaifeng administrative region have been registered for one year (one accounting year) and have independent legal person qualifications.

The sales revenue of the company last year was more than 5 million yuan (including 5 million yuan) and less than 100 million yuan.

The enterprise has good growth, the average growth rate of the previous two year sales income or net profit should meet the following requirements: the annual sales income of the enterprise is between 5 million yuan and 10 million yuan (including), the average growth rate reaches 20% (including), and the annual sales revenue of the enterprise is between 10 million yuan and 50 million yuan (including)). The average growth rate is above 16%. The annual sales revenue of the enterprise is between 50 million yuan and 100 million yuan, and the average growth rate is above 12%.

The annual R & D cost of the enterprise should meet certain requirements, such as the annual sales revenue of the enterprise between 5 million yuan and 10 million yuan (including), the total amount of research and development cost in the last year is 5% (containing), or the total amount of research and development costs in the last year is 25. % (containing) and so on.

The enterprise has independent intellectual property rights, the main business is outstanding, the product or service is distinctive. In the last three years, it has at least 1 intellectual property related to the main products (services).

The enterprise management system is sound, the budget management system for R & D expenditure is established, and the technical and management team is stable.

The company's credit standing is good, and there are no bad credit records and illegal records in the previous year and the year.


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